End user performance monitoring to deliver fast websites.

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Deliver a flawless experience to your users, and we will let you know if your site is fast enough.
This is the way analytics should be: GDPR compliant, lightweight and easy to use.

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Everyone loves a fast website

People love fast websites, so in addition to traffic analytics, Swetrix allows you to analyse your website speed and monitor other performance metrics based on real traffic from your users. Users are more likely to abandon your website if it takes too long to load, stay ahead of these problems and measure insights from real interactions.

  • Measure which pages are taking too long to load
  • Aggregate performance data by geolocation, browser, device type, page and other metrics
  • Compare site speed to previous periods to analyse potential problems or improvements

Analyse all key metrics in one tool

With Swetrix you can measure key metrics such as overall page load time, detailed breakdowns by TTFB, DNS, TLS resolution time and other metrics. Split the data into different percentiles to see how well your site performs for people with fast and slow internet connections.

Privacy-first, easy to use

Swetrix is built with a privacy-first and transparent approach. We do not use cookies or collect personal information from our users. There's no cross-site or cross-device tracking. No data is ever sold to advertisers or anyone else. The Swetrix dashboard is very intuitive to use, giving you real-time data and a clear view of your website. There are no layers of menus, no need to export your data into custom reports to understand it properly.

Simple, traffic-based pricing

Try Swetrix on your website for 14 days - completely free of charge. No credit card required. No strings attached.


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What's included

  • Up to 10,000 visits per month
  • Add up to 50 websites
  • 50 alerting rules
  • User flow analysis
  • Unlimited data exports
  • 100% data ownership
  • Performance monitoring
  • Shared & Public Dashboards
  • Email reports

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It's time to ditch Google Analytics.

Tired of the frustration, complexity and privacy issues of Google Analytics? We were too. That's why we built Swetrix - the ethical, open source and fully cookieless alternative.

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Swetrix Analytics dashboard

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Swetrix is an ethical and powerful service. Hundreds of people have already made the switch from Google Analytics and other alternatives.


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