Introducing Swetrix Selfhosted v3!


Over 1 year have passed since our previous selfhosted release. At that time, it was a solid product with unique and very useful features. But now, we're happy to introduce: Swetrix Selfhosted v3.

It's a very powerful release, with dozens of unique features and hundreds of hours spent into it. We've made it more stable and even easier to install and use.

What changed

🔥 Major updates

  • Added session analytics: you can now see which pages / custom events were tracked within a session, as well as some details about them
  • Added support for marketing funnels
  • Added client-side error tracking
  • Added metadata feature for custom events
  • Added more metrics for performance monitoring: you can now see load time distribution over different quantiles, as well as apply different aggregation functions to your data
  • Added API key support

🙂 Minor updates

  • Project ID now generated on the backend for new sites
  • Removed validate-ip-node library in favour of built-in Node.js net module
  • Project "Allowed origins" setting now supports wildcards
  • You can now partially clear analytics data with filters
  • Added support for more detailed filters; you can now apply multiple filters to the same data column
  • Added new time buckets for aggregated reporting: "All time" and "This hour
  • Added site search functionality to the dashboard page
  • Added support for cumulative mode for charts
  • Migrated frontend frow React to Remix to enable server-side rendering and improve performance
  • Added support for embedded dashboards
  • Updated analytics dashboard design and other UI / UX improvements throughout the application
  • Added support for dashboard hotkeys
  • Updated API dependencies
  • Updated Clickhouse & Redis versions

🔧 Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users could not disable the "Show live visitors in page title" feature.
  • Fixed a possible issue where a non-existent tab could be opened in the dashboard

How to upgrade to v3?

You can find upgrade instructions on our release notes page on Github.

Thanks a lot for using Swetrix, our work would not be possible without your support, and we hope you will love this release!