New IP blacklisting and API Keys features


Hi everyone reading this post!
We are working hard on Swetrix, adding new improvements every day, so I'm happy to announce that today we released a few new features!

1. IP blacklisting
This feature was requested by one of our customers and now it's here!
It allows you to write a list of IP addresses from which no analytics will be collected on the specified project. Also you can specify IP address masks and IPv6 addresses.
This functionality is handy if you want to ignore analytics from your IP.
Screenshot of the 'IPs to blacklist' setting

2. API Keys
From now on, you can generate an API Key to access our service.
As for now, our API is still not available for public access with API keys (but we're working on it), but these API keys are useful for our other services.
For example, you will be able to set up integrations with platforms like Telegram or Slack to make your use of Swetrix even more comfortable.
Screenshot of the 'API Keys' setting

That is all for today.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any feature requests, you can also always see what features we plan to release soon [here](